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/ Press Relations

To promote brands with all the media (press , radio, TV , web ... ) through press kits, press releases or events in order to get journalists interested and encourage them to talk about those brands or their products.
The goal is to occupy the media scene best by cultivating a long-lasting relationship between the product and journalists in the relevant domain.
  • Press relations are undoubtedly one of the cheapest and most effective promotional tools to establish the reputation of a company.
  • If press relations are important when launching a company or a product, they are also very important in the long term to maintain visibility over time. Very often as far as journalists and business partners are concerned, a company that communicates throughout the year inspires confidence.
  • The media are extraordinary vectors for information to promote a product. Editorials provide excellent endorsement for the products listed as well as excellent visibility (towards potential and existing consumers but also towards those who do not yet know the products).